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My wife and I love Halloween and have enjoyed creating and sharing BooBaskets for several years now.   Since BooBaskets are traditionally anonymous, we will not be disclosing our names or address.  If you wish to provide feedback or contact us, we can be reached at halloween@boobaskets.com.  We hope that you share our love of Halloween and look forward to watching the Boo Signs spread. 

Disclosure:  Because this is an anonymous activity, we cannot be held responsible for the bad judgement of others.  We are not looking to gain anything from this activity, we truly enjoy Halloween and hope this will help get you into the spirit of the season!

We have been enjoying BooBaskets since about 2003.  We had moved into a new community and someone rang our door bell and ran away, leaving behind a little bag of candy with a sign and a note on the front porch.  It was like a "welcome to the neighborhood" and a "celebrate the season"  all in one.  More than anything, it brought us a sense of giddy excitement and we knew right then and there we HAD to continue the tradition!  Below are some photos of our Boo Baskets from years past.  You may notice we have more than two baskets.  We usually "seed" the neighborhood with extra baskets just to get the process jump started, the idea being,  if more people get baskets,  there is a better chance to spread the cheer!  In years past it was wonderful to see the "BOO" signs in every single house's front window in the neighborhood.  That is what we aspire to, to see that everybody shares in the fun and can watch the spirit of the tradition spread throughout.  Please don't feel obligated to go overboard.  We don't want our photos to intimidate you or make you shy away from participating!  We do tend to go big, and love to do so, but if all you can do is two little bags of candy and the signs, you've done your part and passed on the cheer. Even the smallest gesture will likely bring a smile to someone's day.   

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