Welcome to BooBaskets 2016


The idea behind boo baskets is to spread a little excitement throughout the neighborhood while also creating a sense of community.  Since you received a BooBasket, it's only fair that you create two of your own to share with others.  As each neighbor receives a boo basket and places their "boo!" sign on the front door, the fun  and smiles will spread!  Here are the very basic steps you need to follow once you've been Boo'ed.  

Step 1:
The very first thing you need to do is take the Boo Sign you got in your basket and tape it in a window or on your front door so your neighbors will know you've already been Booed.  

Step 2: 
Gather up (or go shopping for) a few Halloween goodies.   Remember to get enough goodies to make two baskets. 

Step 3: 
Print out the Boo Sign and Poem from our download page and place a copy in each basket (if you forget this step, your neighbor will have a lovely basket but might not know what to do next).  The download page also has a link where you can print out a card telling your neighbor to go to www.boobaskets.com. Include that in their basket too so they can come here and get all the info!

Step 4: 
Put all the goodies in your baskets with the Poem, Boo Sign, and card to www.boobaskets.com.

Step 5:
Take your BooBaskets and deliver them to any neighbor who doesn't have a Boo Sign displayed.

For more advanced suggestions, see our Learn to Boo page.  

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